Dubrovsky Market Sightseeing Dubrovnik Travel Guide

Dubrovnitsky market

Dubrovnitsky market is in the town of Geutz, next to the seaport of Dubrovnik and in the commoner is called Gruž Market (by the name of the port and suburb "Gruž"). The port lies in a deeply protected bay, which is capable of taking both cruise liners, and ferries.

The market is located 2 km from the Old Town (near the bus station "Libertas") and is distinguished by the lowest prices in the city. Local delicacies, fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables, sweets and homemade wine are sold here.

A visit to the Dubrovnitsky market is shown to save, connoisseurs of saturated market life and fans to bargain. You can get here after numerous excursions on the old town or just on a passing bus 1–In or 1–A. The market is open from 6 am and up to 8 pm (in summer) or up to 6 pm to other seasons.

Dubrovsky Market Sightseeing Dubrovnik Travel Guide

In addition to buying products in the market area, you can have a great dine in port taverns and street cafes, where naturally the main dishes are fish and marine delicacies.

Local architecture fits perfectly and complements the appearance of the market, making it even more colorful and attractive. Solid green plantings do not give summer heat opportunities to harm walking, and the sea breeze makes the market visit even more romantic.

Dubrovsky Market Sightseeing Dubrovnik Travel Guide

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