Dubai Ski Center Ski Dubai

Dubai: Ski Dubai Ski Center

Ski Dubai is located in the Mall of the Emirates shopping complex and is considered the first ski complex in the United Arab Emirates and in the Middle East. It enters the top three covered covered complexes, covers an area of ​​22.5 thousand square meters and is designed for one and a half thousand visitors. The ski resort was opened in 2005.

The Ski Dubai complex has five trails of different complexity up to 400 meters long, walkway for snowboarders, launches, ice cave with a frozen waterfall, a split park for children and a mountain climbing. For the convenience of visitors, there are bug and chair lifts here, and ski equipment can be rented. Ski Dubai has a ski school for children and adults with experienced instructors.

Dubai Ski Center Ski Dubai

The complex is covered with a unique dome, which practically does not conduct heat, after all, on the street, the thermometer column often reaches a +50 degree marks, but the air conditioners are maintained in the room the stable temperature in the range of 1-5 degrees below zero. The upper snow layer is updated every day – for this, refrigeration plants produce up to 30 tons of ice per day. In the Snower Park among the snowdrifts are growing real Christmas trees and royal penguins live.

Ski-Dubai – one of the biggest indoor ski complexes in the world

Dubai Ski Center Ski Dubai

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