Dragon Cave in Murvice Attractions Brac travel guide

Dragon Cave in Murvice

Dragon (snake) Cave is located 7 km from Bola, not far from the Bay of Murvitsa and the same name of the Croatian town (about 200 meters). It was established that there was a temple and a house of one of the Croatian hermits, and then – Place of christian worship services.

Dragon Cave named from–For large serpent images found inside. It is known that stone sculptures were carved around the XV century one of the novices of the monastery who was in the cave. In confirmation of this version inside the grotto, the XV century chapel was discovered, also built by monks–Glaglashams.

At the chapel, too, there is a large amount of stone thread in the form of images of the moon and the symbols of pagan cultures. At the same time, on the eastern side of the chapel, human figures and birds are already depicted by the period of Christianity.

Dragon Cave in Murvice Attractions Brac travel guide

In general, the cave takes about 20 meters, which are divided into 4 rooms (in one of them there is a chapel). Wall caves are decorated with bas-reliefs based on the Gospel.

Getting to the dragon cave is not easy, the road takes a little less than an hour, but it is better to pass it accompanied by an experienced guide. In addition, in connection with repeated attempts to rob the grotto, the entrance to it is closed with a lattice with a lock.

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