Do not meet a girl who travels

Do not meet a girl who travels

In this chic in all respects of the video of the British Clipmaker Jonathan Wallace, episodes of 32 films, music rollers and advertising clips were used. The video was created based on the record of the ADI Zarsadias blogger, which threw a successful office work by choosing the life of the freelancer.

Text to video:

Don&# 8217; T Date A Girl WHO TRAVELS. She’s The One With The Messy Hair Colored by The Sun. HER SOUL CRAVES FOR NEW EXPERIENCES AND ADVENTURES. SHE GOES WITH THE FOLLOWS HER HEART. HER DAYS ARE RULED by The Sun and The Moon. Waves Are Calling Life Stops. She Has Tasted Life and It Marked Her With Flows Like a Map to Her Soul. EVERY PLACE SHE HAS IS A REMINDER SHE MUST LET GO AND ; She Goes ;

SO Never Date A Girl Who Travels and IF You Fall in Love with One, Lether Go Go ;

Do not meet a girl who travels

Do not meet a girl who travels. With the one with the hair of the raster and burned down the sun. Her soul craves new places and adventures. She sails downstream, following his heart. Her life is controlled by the sun and the moon. She forgets everything when he hears the call of waves. Life is experiencing it, coloring the body with scratches and scars, like a map for her soul. Every place in which she visited reminds her that she should move on and .. She goes down again ;

Never meet with a girl who travels, and if you suddenly love this, just let go ;

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