Death Valley in California. Nature USA

Death Valley in California. Nature USA

Phenomenon who cannot explain scientists is used to attract tourists.

V Valley of death California has a lake Racetrack Playa, Dry for most of the year, which is in itself uniform, given the local natural conditions. The lake is interesting to other inexplicable phenomenon – on his smooth bottom, the stones are moved by itself.

Rock wreckages of various sizes and weights move along a large area, absolutely deprived of vegetation, leaving behind them clearly visible traces.

The trajectory of the movement of the stones can be both straight and winding, and they move at different distances.

Since the middle of the twentieth century, scientists explore this phenomenon, trying in vain to find out the mechanism of movement of stones.

Death Valley in California. Nature USA

It is known that in the area of ​​the lake there are strong winds, reaching speeds of 145 km / h, and its surface is freezing – ice thickness can be 6.5 cm.

Both of these facts still do not explain Moving stones in Racetrack Playa, But to find a raystery of moving cobblestones in the valley of death recently offer tourists.

One enterprising tourist company from California established a cash prize in the amount of $ 7,500 to its client, which, having visited the lake, will be able to reveal the secret of its stones. Despite the fact that the lake excursions began to be held regularly, this task is not yet solved.

Death Valley in California. Nature USA

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