Czech Czech Republic Stramberk

Czech Cities: Strimeberk

Just 8 km east of Novi Yichinu lies the town of Stramberk (Stramberk) – perhaps the best place in the country for dating Valash culture.

This is one of the oldest settlements in the region – the Luda Buildings on the slope of conical White Mountain (Bila Hora, 557 m) and neighboring hills named for their painting "Moravian Bethlehem", have at least 10 thousand years ago. Many of the characteristic wooden houses of the city were built in the XVIII-XIX centuries and brightly demonstrate the features of the traditional architecture of Transcarpathian peoples. It is characteristic that these chopped structures are never kept locked and can be visited simply so, after prior arrangement with hosts.

Czech Czech Republic Stramberk

It is also worth a visit dominant over the city Truba Tower (Login 20 CZK), with which the beautiful panorama opens. Myself Castle Stalllenberg, which included the tower, was destroyed by Mongols during their last raid to Europe – it was at Strambers on May 8, 1241, a decisive fight of Christians with nomads was held, which put the end of the invasion. In honor of this event, another local attraction appeared – a special form biscuits "Strambercian ears" From the gingerbread dough.

You can also see Museum of painter and illustrator Zenek Burian (Zdenek Burian Museum) and famous Cave spike complex (Sipka, depth – up to 440 m) under the limestone hill Kotoachu (532 m) – Here at the end of the XIX century, the remains of Neanderthal were discovered.

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