Customs Rules of Uzbekistan Personal Experience

Customs Rules of Uzbekistan: Personal Experience

About the queue (more precisely, their complete absence) I already told, however, they suggested to me that you can walk the customs 10-20 bucks in 10 minutes.

Another not very pleasant to the tourist. The procedure for arrival and departure is to fill the declaration.

In it, you need to enter all the cash that you have. To a penny! She looks like this, and that’s how it is correctly filling. After reading on the Internet, I first filled out why all the material things that were driving – camera, glass, phone and t.D., But then it turned out that it is not necessary to specify the goods to indicate – intelligent currency and jewelry. Llands are in three languages ​​- Uzbek, our and English.

Customs Rules of Uzbekistan Personal Experience

It is filled as something like that, with the exception of 12 points of technology on the backpage – if they are not new, then they do not need to write them. All this is done in two copies – one give uncle at customs, the second is essentially with you

The most and the same you do and on the departure on the fly, only money you should have less than that you wrote when you arrived. Money can show everything to a penny upon departure. In general, you are tumor on the departure, so I have no shmonary anywhere – both detectors, and visually, and hands, and the bags turn. In short, some horror.

Customs Rules of Uzbekistan Personal Experience

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