Customs Rules in Bangladesh Personal Experience

Customs Rules in Bangladesh: Personal Experience

In fact, everything is much simpler: imports and exporting currencies as much as you want (no one quit and pay attention) When importing a laptop, I did not fill anything, and no one fills. By the way, citizens of Russia and Belarus, Kazakhstan very rarely check, but citizens of Ukraine can check with addiction. I didn’t understand about alcohol, I imported 2 liters in hand baggage and 5 liters in baggage (I repeatedly reached and departed). When leaving the airport, you can send to scan, can ask how much alcohol in your package from Duty Free, and may just not pay attention. Once as I was asked how much alcohol you. I said that only in 2 liters pack (although there was still a liter 4 in the baggage), I was told that you can import only liter and sent to declare. Item itself nearby, Tom I gave my passport and extra liter.

Customs Rules in Bangladesh Personal Experience

The customs officer took and went to his boss (I have Belarusian Passz). In 5 minutes I returned and said nothing to pay. I returned to the customs officer who sends to the scan and told him that the boss allowed me not to undergo baggage scan and nothing to declare and so that I fastened (in Bengali, I said to him (Tara-Tari) came out of the airport. Yes, and in general, with Bengals, it is necessary to show resourcefulness and be a little with them in impudence.

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