Customs regulations of Romania personal experience

Customs regulations of Romania: a personal experience

I travel across the EU, including in Romania, dozens of times a year on business, as a tourist with a biometric passport at the same time without any problems, declarations and restrictions insert and deduce any personally used items, including expensive type of computer , mirroring a professional camera and etc, more than 1,000 euro currency, as 500-1000 lei in cash, freely exchange currency in the country without any checks, and the dozens of border crossings have never had in any of the customs officer did not have stupid questions about how much I have money. Especially when leaving the country this question nobody cares. I’ll tell you more – even when leaving the Romanians trunk often do not look, even out of the booth not go. What is 1000 euros? EU-wide accepted norm of € 10,000 without declaration, but in fact, in practice, at the exit from any EU country no one ever thinks of money tourists.

Customs regulations of Romania personal experience

A post on the prohibition of the export of the Romanian leu – it sounds very funny. Romania – EU country, and its laws are tailored to the emission class, and nowhere in Europe there is no ban on the export of local currency. Well this is not some wild there, North Korea. In fact I argue with personal experience – I deduce lei without any problems.

Customs regulations of Romania personal experience

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