Customs and traditions of Tunisia

Customs and traditions of Tunisia

How to get drunk in the Arab country

The laws of Muslim countries prohibit the use of alcoholic beverages. However, if I really want, it is still possible to get drunk in the Arab state without unpleasant consequences. Read more →

Polina Boytsova | Summer 2018

Horrible rest

Rested at the end of June in Tunisia, I had no terrible rest. Beach in algae, foreign objects are floating in the sea, then bottles, then some kind of clothes. Read more →

Irina | July 2018

Customs and traditions of Tunisia

Learn and love Tunisia for 10 days? C Anex Tour is real!

Leaving the extension of Moscow, with like-minded people who wish to go for an acquaintance with Tunisia, kindly invited Anex Tour, went to meet with the unknown. Read more →

Natalya Mogilevskaya | April 2017

Heart of Tunisia – Desert secrets

The plane went to the landing. Out of the porthole, smooth and symmetric rows of olive trees have already clearly distinguished. Here it is – African Atlantis. So some scientists call Tunisia. After all, on the hypothesis of the historian of the beginning of the XX century A. Gerrmann, it was here that Atlantis was here, but it turned out to be mercilessly falling asleep Sakhara. Today there are two lakes in the southern country, which are considered the remnants of the Ancient Sea, where Atlantis island buried. Read more →

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