Customs and traditions of Jordan

Customs and traditions of Jordan

How to get drunk in the Arab country

The laws of Muslim countries prohibit the use of alcoholic beverages. However, if I really want, it is still possible to get drunk in the Arab state without unpleasant consequences. Read more →

Polina Boytsova | Summer 2018

Casre El Yahud – the Baptism of Jesus Christ

Until recently the role "of the very place" Performed yarpets, and Casre El Yahud since the six-day war on the territory of a closed military zone, opened for pilgrims and tourists only 2011. Read more →

Warm New Year

The idea to celebrate the New Year in warmth has long appeared. And leaving the authorities to leave the winter time even more spurred searches. Fantastically cheap tickets for New Year’s Eve to Israel. Read more →

Pavel Maksimov | January 2012

Customs and traditions of Jordan

Notes from Morocco

I stayed in a pretty decent hotel Sahara Line. Civility is felt, and even at least the Little Tolik of Moroccan Chic, which is dreaming to all of the distant Russia. Read more →

shjaku | November-December 2011

Israel and Peter

All the fans of all Israeli – soon forgive. Do not read. I did not impress your Israel. And the most interesting thing in the whole Israeli trip was the Jordan Peter. Read more →

Customs and traditions of Jordan

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