Customs and traditions of Cuba

Customs and traditions of Cuba

Volveremos! or "You will forever remember Cuba"

Publishing my mom’s story on Cuba’s trip. The story was written in 2009, so all the factual data and subjective sensations are given as of this date. Read more →

Misha My | January 2009

Island Nesvoboda. For the death of the last romance

The last romantic left us. Fidel died, Long live Fidel. He said that he would not pick up the beard until the world revolution was defeated? Well, the beard went with him. Read more →

Haydamak | Autumn 2016

Havana. May 1, 2014

In our family there is a stunning tradition – every 1 May we fly to May Day demonstration in Havana. It’s time to tell about the previous one, which has become the third for us. Read more →

Shweda | May 2014

Customs and traditions of Cuba

Main landmark of Havana

Thousands of wrinkles hides thousands of wrinkles, a live nose whow from tobacco and drunkenness. Show I want the main landmark of Havana – old women with cigars! There are a lot of them in the center sitting and wandering, real and attraction-tourist, smokers and imitating, greedy and kind! Read more →

oskinpavel | April 2014

Trucks around the world

I continue the transportation series. Today in line trucks. Pakistani hybrid truck with a buse. For Pakistani drivers, truck – not just a labor instrument, and also an art site for self-expression. Read more →

Customs and traditions of Cuba

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