Culture Tanzania

Culture Tanzania

How much to pay a guide on Kilimanjaro

My husband and I went to Kilimanjaro together, that is, it was "Individual tour". Things took a little, but sleeping bags, you want not want, and you need to take. Read more →

iSee ising | Spring 2017

State Racket in Tanzania

Moshi is known thanks to Mount Kilimanjaro, hence the ascent of the highest peak of Africa begins. The city of Moshi and the island of Zanzibar are the most visited places in Tanzania. Read more →

Sergey Chikachev | June 2016

About witchcraft in Zambia

The road from Koloma to Choma is dangerous, due to the fact that Zambian sorcerers have recently kidnap people from these places in order to use their human organs. Read more →

Sergey Chikachev | Spring 2016

Culture Tanzania

Dar Es Salaam. Template break

In the former capital of Tanzania, Dar-Es Salam, we flew from Zanzibar, before that we were already transit here, coming from Nairobi and rushing to the archipelago mentioned above. Read more →

Harmony Ltd | Spring 2016

Tribe Hatzaba, Bushmen Lake Esya

Bushmen, they are a tribe Hatzaba, originally came from South Africa, through the Congo. Previously inhabited ngorongoro, but after the formation of the national park they were unlocked on the outskirts. Read more →

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