Culture of Uzbekistan

Culture of Uzbekistan

Excursion to Khiva: Museum of Old Life, Big Mosque and New Khan Palace

Go further on old streets. These are the corners, the highest minaret is visible behind the building. The whole is cleaned with ceramics, which is the distinctive style of minarets of Khiva. Read more →

Maksiq | Autumn 2015


Khiva is a medieval fortress city. Old Town, which is located inside the fortress walls, is called Ichan-Cala. The outer city is called Dishhan Cala. Read more →

Danlux | September 2016

Ornaments of Samarkand

Merciless Sun in Zenith, Minarets support the split heavenly arch, turquoise of domes competes with piercing blue sky. This is Samarkand – ancient city, magic sleep. Read more →

Alice2015 | Spring 2015

Culture of Uzbekistan

Samarkand – the capital run

Samarkand is one of the oldest cities on Earth, he is almost a rome. His walls remember the Scythians, the Persian Empire, the warriors of Alexander Macedon, Arabs and Mongols. Read more →

Maximus101 | Spring 2016

Bukhara. Leisurely walk

Bukhara – a city with a completely unique atmosphere. Oriental slowness as it differs in the air. But at the same time – life goes, things are moving. Read more →

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