Culture of the Maldives Islands

Culture of the Maldives Islands

Maldives: Hultjumale Island

For five and a half rupees, you can fall to the island of Hultuumale. This is a completely artificial island, which is designed to become a new sleeping area. Read more →

Juan | Autumn 2016

Maldives: Willlingly Island

On the island of Willlingili used to be prison, now it’s just a residential area. You can get from Male to the ferry for only $ 0.20, ferries go several times per hour. Read more →

Juan | Autumn 2016

Sri Lanka Review and a little Maldives

Sri Lanka – a small island south of India. From Kuala Lumpur there can be flown less than $ 100 in two. Sri Lanka sometimes consider how "India for beginners". Read more →

Juan | Summer 2016

Culture of the Maldives Islands

Overnight in different countries

Maldives Dear, because everything is browsed here, including drinking water, and to Sri Lanka, the nearest land, 800 km by the sea. And because it is that there is trite little space. Read more →

Haydamak | Autumn 2015


The capital of this island state, the city of Male, is located on the island of about a kilometer in size. And this city is the most interesting thing that is in this country. Read more →

Culture of the Maldives Islands

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