Culture of Lithuania

Culture of Lithuania

Travel Notes on Car Travel in Lithuania

We wanted to immediately much: see the main sights of the country, to buy and sunbathe in the Baltic Sea and to go fishing in the famous estates in Lithuanian lakes. Read more →

Evgeny and Elena Hotulyov | August 2014

Industry. Gargendy

As is in fact, the average statistical condition is probably the beam of everything you can appreciate in the usual small town, for example, Gargoray near Klaipeda. Read more →

GeSualdo | March 2017

Catholic Lithuania

After visiting all three things becomes clearer, that architecture is a dance. Stones, Arches and Tree. Lithuanian architecture is also music. Without fail. Read more →

PO VTORNIKAM | Winter 2017

Culture of Lithuania

Arches Vilnius

Arches like just like this: free and inexplicably strongly. In Vilnius, my love strengthened and turned from fleeting love to a strong adult feeling. Read more →

PO VTORNIKAM | Winter 2017


Jupis is rather a story about Moscow design plants. With that, only the difference that this area is not located on the territory of the former plant and not in Moscow, but in Vilnius. Read more →

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