Culture of Bolivia

Culture of Bolivia

Acclimatization campaign on PEAK AUSTRIA (5300)

Resting from a long flight and is accustomed to height, we spent a couple of days in learning La Pas and some attractions around him. Read more →

Subbotsky | Summer 2016

How to get problems with a visa on the boundaries of Chile-Bolivia on the road to Uyuni

Curved in Bolivia – a visa must be bought. This is what the Bolivian gearbox looks like – three sratures of mud bricks, where the flag is proudly developing – stamps of entry. Read more →

How we bought tickets and flew in South America

For the New Year 2014, we went to Chile, Peru and Bolivia for three weeks. There was an interesting journey. So that it turns out also budget, I had to try. Read more →

i ce | New Year 2014

Culture of Bolivia

Un gran viaje a am&# 233; Rica Del Sur. Waterfalls iguhasu. Argentina. Smoke on the water

Looking at the map, I discovered that quite close to Bolivia, separated from her just only part of Paraguay, are the famous Waterfalls Iguazu. Read more →

yeolka1 | Summer 2010

Un gran viaje a am&# 233; Rica Del Sur. Bolivia. Results and findings

Fly from La Pass in Asuncion through Santa Cruz. According to the plan they should have flown in the evening – in Santa Cruz, in the morning – further. But, as they have. Read more →

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