Culture Mexico

Culture Mexico

California. Monterey, San Diego, Border with Mexico, Weak City and Aldonne Dunes

From cold california in dry and hot and at the same time very cold and wet Arizona. Charter constantly freeze in San Francisco We went further south. Read more →

ruslankuznetsov | Summer 2015

Mexico. Cancun

Due to the good location, a major aviation hub – through cancun a lot of opportunities to fly in transit, it’s some of the gates of South and Central America. Read more →

Haydamak | Autumn 2016

Once in Mexico

In Mexico, I shot a report on how our aircraft survive in difficult Mexican conditions "Dry Superjet". Run ahead will say that it is normal so survive. Read more →

Onreal | Autumn 2016

Culture Mexico

Again Mexico City

Came to the Frida Museum. He impressed he made ambiguous. This heart is actually done by her fans. Well, in principle, there is no point in photographing the meaning. Read more →

M Mayakovsky | Spring 2016

Mexico City and surroundings

Ordered to visit the Higher Educational Institution of the city of Mexico City – National Autonomous University of Mexico. The huge territory of the university town amazes imagination. Read more →

Culture Mexico

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