Culture Macau

Culture Macau

Practical South China

I visited South China, namely the province of Guangdong, Guangxi-Zhuang Autonomous Region (Guilin, Yangscho, Cixpine), as well as special administrative zones – Hong Kong and Macau. Read more →

yarowind | Spring 2016

Gallop in Macau

In the foreseeable future, from Hong Kong in Macao, you will be able to drive around the bridge, which is now being built with mad pace. But still you have to swim on the ferries. Read more →

Yeow eow | Spring 2015

Little Portuguese Province on Chinese Earth

Anyway, the streets have been preserved and in every way supported "Portuguese". Nicely painted in warm tones wall, window decoration, architecture, lights on narrow streets. Read more →

Culture Macau


Macau is much less than Hong Kong. In fact, this territory consists of a small peninsula, where the city center is located, and the islands three times more in the area, partially bulk, where new casinos are being built, golf courses and.T.NS. Read more →

Juan | February 2014

Macau is not casino

I divided Macau for three conventional parts. Koloan – Village in the south of the country, where the most nature and least of tourists. Macau Peninsula – Tourist Place, with a large number of colonial buildings, and with several casinos. Read more →

Culture Macau

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