Culture Algeria

Culture Algeria

Al-Jumhuria al-Jazaiaria hell-Dimukrasti Ash-Sharabia

In Algeria, I was almost by chance. Was in Alicante, placed a couple of days, looked at what interesting places airplanes fly, and it turned out that flying except Algeria more and nowhere. Read more →

Algeria: Kasba

Here are the buildings of the colonial period and a lot of people. The streets are still narrow, so there are few cars. Immediately comes trading from cars, crawls and with detachable rags or other non-slip fixtures read more →

Pan ikota | November 2012

Weddings in the city of Algeria (Algeria)

The wedding in Algeria is famous for its long proposals, but it passes as a theater representation, where the bride, surrounded by relatives, goes on stage, changing outfits of different regions read more →

Culture Algeria

Algeria: Christians, Basilique Notre-Dame D&# 39; afrique and surroundings

Many are confident that it was possible to preserve this cathedral thanks to a magical inscription "NOTRE DAME D&# 39; Afrique Priez Pour Nous Et Pour Les Musulmans". Praizes God’s Mother for us and for Muslims read more →

Pan ikota | November 2012

Algeria from car window

Speech about the same capital of Algeria. I do not pretend to be a complete picture, which is quite obvious, it is impossible to show from the car window. But there are interesting pictures and comments read more →

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