Cres Island or Omisal Sights of Krka Tour Profit Guide

Cres Island or Omishal

Cres Island (Omishal) – Truly the paradise and one of the most mysterious places in Croatia. This is the first place that Eco lovers seek to visit–tourism, because the cres – This is a large number of virgin lagoon, beautiful bays and cozy pebble beaches.

Cess – The largest island of Croatia, located north of Kvarner. The narrow and rocky territory of the Cresa stretches 66 km in length, while having from 2 to 12 km in width.

Isle of Malonselen, but at the same time known as the place of settlement since the Stone Age. That is why such an abundance of historical and cultural monuments of various eras – from the ancient settlements to modern buildings.

Cres Island or Omisal Sights of Krka Tour Profit Guide

Cess is connected by a narrow bridge with a more populated island of Loshini. Vegetation in this place is especially rich and diverse – From scant stony pastures to fig groves and pine forests.

It is noteworthy that both islands are self-sufficient in terms of freshwater supply. On the cres for this is a lake of a rotary – visitors here by–understandable reasons are not allowed, although admire the types of lake, of course, you can. For fishermen and transport, the path to the lake is always open. By the way, the origin of the lake has not yet been revealed. There are theories that it is replenished either from underground sources, or from rainwater. But evidence neither to that no other was found.

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