Costa Rica Nature

Costa Rica Nature

Costa Rica – Central American Switzerland?

Gorgeous Little Hotel Hidden Canopy Treehouses in Mountain Village. Houses in the jungle stand in thickets on the piles, interconnected by tracks, beautiful plants and ponds with goldfish. Read more →

IMUR | June 2013

El Manantial – Kennel of Red Ara

As it turned out, birds in Costa Rica are different. Noise, gams, mess, shouts, feathers and birds of such a color as if they pour out several cans of multi-colored paint on them – that’s what I was expected to read further →

Costa Rica: Beaches in the Spirit of Bounty, Surfing and not only!

We read review about Costa Rica. This is an interesting country with its history and beautiful nature. In the West, the Pacific Ocean, in the East, the Caribbean Sea. To the equator – 2000 kilometers. Read more →

Jane in wonderland | October 2011

Costa Rica Nature

Vulcan Paras, Costa Rica

The ship arrived at the port of Puntarenas, in Costa Rica. We are going to get to the acting volcano Paras – look into the crater of the volcano, go through the real jungle. Read more →

Igor Kudryavtsev | December 2011

Costa Rica, Arenal. Where to live what to do

Near Volcano Arenal We booked Essence Arenal Hostel, found if my memory does not change, with a tripadvayuzor. Quiet, cozy place away from civilization. Read more →

Costa Rica Nature

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