Corinth Canal Sights of Corinth Travel Guide

Corinthian canal

The bays of the two seas (Aegean and Ionical) connect together the most narrow Corinthian channel in the width. This parameter reaches about twenty-five meters, and through the length of the channel stretched to six and a half kilometers. Due to the lack of width that does not allow free to undergo large-sized modern ships in this place, economic attractiveness has fallen.

Its main role is now — Tourist. Numerous not very large excursion vessels, sailing here, transfer tourists to the distant ancient times of the rule of the Tirana Periander, who conceived the construction. Back in the seventh century BC, he wanted to break through the underwater track, but his plans were not embodied in life, because there was a threat of flooding of lands, due to the different levels of the two seas. The same unsuccessful attempt wanted to take Demetrius Piliarket. And only in 1882, the French company began construction of the canal. The project has already completed the Greek Firm.

Corinth Canal Sights of Corinth Travel Guide

Unusually observe the passage of large vessels on the canal. At this moment, limestone walls that are towering at seventy meters up, as if absorbed ships. They move on a tug without unnecessary turns and movements. The main thing is that the width of such a ship is not more than twenty meters. Also through the channel there are three bridges for cars and a bridge for railway transport.

Corinth Canal Sights of Corinth Travel Guide

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