Consension Square Sights of Paris Travel Guide

Square consent

Another corner of the classicism period – This is an agreement area located in the most historical center of the capital of France. Initially, she wore the name of Louis XV and had interesting features. The octagonal territory did not surround the construction, so it opened with it just a wonderful view of different territory of the capital. Learning around the area there were buildings of the hotel and the Maritime Ministry.

Of course, during the revolution1789. The monument to the king from the square was removed, and instead they were installed the guillotine, on which Louis and his spouse found their deathly Maria Antoinette. And just after the completion of terror, in 1975, the area and began to be called their modern name.

Consension Square Sights of Paris Travel Guide

In the first third of the 19th century, the decoration of the square was supplemented with ancient Egyptian antiquities, including the famous obelisk, whose age is more than three and a half thousand years. Heavy obelisk (weighing two hundred and thirty tons) sailed in France for more than two years. And three years waved on the banks of the river in Paris. And was installed in three hours, total! And now in our time, the upper part of the Luxor Obelisk was crowned with a precious imperture created from one and a half kilograms of gold.

There are always a lot of people, and local and, especially tourists. And in this multilingual crowd, the spirit of Paris is especially felt.

Consension Square Sights of Paris Travel Guide

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