Checkpoint “Charlie” Attractions of Berlin Travel Guide

Checkpoint "Charlie"

After the Berlin Wall has been built, it was decided to establish several bandwidth in Berlin, one of which was the control and pass «Charlie». It was located between the famous Friedrichstrasse and Tzymershtrass Street.

This territory was a cross-border line between the America and USSR sector. The passage through the controlled territory was only available to Soviet, American, British, French military. Local residents did not provide such opportunities, but on the contrary, they pursued and brutally punished for trying to move to the western part of the country.


Not far from the checkpoint in our time there is a Museum of the Berlin Wall. Presented there Assembly of exhibits «House near Chekpost Charlie» fully restores the picture of those times. Attempts to escape severely stopped and often ended tragically. Among the many things there can also be seen suitcases, photos and other personal documents of people, as well as records of eyewitnesses of those events.

In the department of souvenirs, there is an opportunity to buy historical books of that epoch. You can also buy and bring home even a piece of the Berlin Wall. Modern tourists have the opportunity and now see at the point of passing a soldier who will put print for passage through the conventional border.


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