Cat survived after spent a week in the parcel

Cat survived after spent a week in the parcel

Recipient in English County Western Sussex was very surprised when I found a cat in sending with the DVDs ordered via the Internet, it transmits BBC.

After eight days spent in the package, the cat was dehydrated and exhausted morally (still! – approx. "MP").

Animal attributed to veterinarians, and those scrolling into the chip-skinned chip with all the necessary information, were able to contact the owners in Cornwall, who, meanwhile, desperately tried to find a missing favorite, putting posters with the inscription Wanted all over the district. Of course, they could not confide that the cat was 420 km from them.

Cat survived after spent a week in the parcel

The cat’s owner calls the salvation of his pet a real miracle. She claims that, putting the discs in the box, immediately sealed it and the concept does not have a cake inside.

From this story you can make at least three conclusions. First (for cat owners): Sometimes microchip in a cat can be very useful. The second (for cats): despite the fact that there is nothing better than climbing the box, sometimes it can be dangerous. In any case, try not to climb the boxes that are preparing for sending by mail. The third (again for the owners): Since the cat cannot but climb the box, carefully check the similar containers before sending them by mail or get rid of them in another way.

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