Carnataka (Karnataka)

Carnataka (Karnataka)

Carnataka (Karnataka) – State in the southwest of India. Population 55,868 million. Man (2004). Capital and largest city – Bangalore.

Carnataka is a truly treasury of Indian architecture. In the state of the state, architectural monuments belonging to various styles and periods of its rich history events have been preserved.

The coast of the state consists of palm groves scenic beaches washed by the waters of the Arabian Sea. The total length of the coast – 320 km.

The hottest months – April and May. In May, the temperature rises to +40 with. The cooler here in December-January.

In Mysor, the former capital of all southern India, including the current carnatack, Tamil owner and a significant part of Kerala, and the old state capital, a number of palaces attracting inner tourism are concentrated, despite the relatively small antiquity. Above the city is towers Sacred Mountain with Mahishasuramardini temple and others.

Jainskaya shrine – The colossal statue of St. Bakhubali – Gomateshwara.

Carnataka (Karnataka)

Settlements of Tibetan refugees, Created in the 1960s. XX B., Place a number of temples found only in Northern India and Tibet.

The modern capital of the state, Bangalore, has a copy Windsor Palace, Completed by local Raja.

On the way between Bangalore and the Mesor there is an abandoned Manor of the our artist Svyatoslav Roerich and his wife girls wounds in whose territory they are buried.

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