Car rental in UAE Personal experience

Car rental in the UAE: Personal Experience

Ordered in Moscow through the Rentalcars. Took Mitsubishi Lancer. Rent for 9 days stood 5 400 rubles.

Flew, passed customs, found the office of the company "DOLLAR RENT A CAR!". Deposit on the map was blocked by 1,000 Aed. Inspected the car, the paper signed and went. The car practically could not disperse, could ride no more than 80 km / h, and even with such a roar that the sound of the plane was just a whisper. We arrived at the hotel, wrote a letter to the Rentalcars. They answered promptly. Changed the car on another evening of the same day, arrived in the evening, the car was changed quickly, but for a detailed inspection time was little, so the car was photographed and removed the video .Damage and scratches were so much that on a sheet of inspection already putting down. I must say that our English is not ahti, so communication was more on the fingers.

Car rental in UAE Personal experience

We arrived to pass the car. While were in the office, a rental worker took the keys and gone. Came and calls us to the car. Shows chip at the very bottom on the front glass. As he found him, without a document about the inspection of the car, it is worth only to guess.

We arrive in Moscow, SMS notice comes that the company took another 2,500 award on the map blocked. Three days wrote to them letters. On the 4th send me a scan of the document I signed. It is clearly visible to the inscription about the windshield, made by another ballpoint handle and after my departure. Scammers and scoundrels.

Car rental in UAE Personal experience

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