CAFAYATE – a riot of color in the north of Argentina

CAFAYATE – a riot of color in the north of Argentina

What is the essence? Next to the cafayate is the Quebrada de Cafayate gorge. If you score this combination of words in Google Images, then you can unintellite. In pixel images in this case, no exaggeration. All this way: juicy pink, orange, purple rocks. Shades of red in constancy are a bit unusual for nature. This is primarily dawn and sunset, Figure Phenomena. Immediately red is unchanged, abundant. We drove in the cafayyat after mandatory in South America Picchu and Bolivian Solonchakov. The eye was no longer naive. But stood like inserted. This is an incredible power in color, the touch of the universe, if you like.

CAFAYATE - a riot of color in the north of Argentina

I do not like to say: "How beautiful!" Stupid, or something better to sile. But there is delightful. People shout about the power of life on the breakdown, tapping the mountains, thyoughly inhale. These are paints in a giant value. Nothing naive, gentle – only power.
On the way back, we picked up 68 hippi-hitchhiker. All the way he played with her eyes closed on a homemade tool, a mug and whiskey dangled in a backpack. At the end said: "I do not want to manage the corporation, people, but I want my life". In the evening they met him in the park at the fountain. He was cheerful, drunk, joked and danced. And what not to dance: a man lived a day in the mountains of a grenade.

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