Bulla Regia Sights of Tabarka Travel Guide

Bulla Regia

Bulla Regia – The city has survived since the ancient Rome and «Provided» The most famous mosaics Museum Bardo was founded at this place in the third century BC, most likely – Numidians. Then the place belonged to Carthage, then – Rome, when and became one of the richest cities of Roman Africa.

Mine witnesses told the wealth of residents of Bulla Regia – The ruins of gorgeous villas of the Roman era with mosaic floors. Locals rich in trade, primarily grain and olives, and houses were built by income… It is curious to build these villas, actually placed in the ground, provided their inhabitants and from the summer heat and from the winter cold.

Bulla Regia Sights of Tabarka Travel Guide

The lower floor of the villa, thus consisted of a stone yard, where they descended in the open stairs and several people going to the courtyard. It was in them that there were those luxurious mosaic floors that now can be seen both in the Bardo Museum in Tunisia and directly in the city. The top, ordinary floors collapsed from earthquakes, the lower was only covered with the earth, why and reached this day.

So far, only two villas are available for review for tourists: villa amifrites and fishing villas, named in the plot Mosaics. In the first of them, mosaics depict the sea, full of fish, which Cupids and ducks. Also here are preserved columns standing around the yard, arches and arches galleries. In the villa amifitis in a mosaic on the floor of one of the underground rooms, the gods of the underwater world are depicted.

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