Blue Lagoon Attractions Comino Travel Guide

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is located on the island of Comino – one of the smallest Maltese islands. Lagoon is famous for its pure water and white sand. For those who want to spend a summer day, enjoying a beach holiday or swimming with a mask, the blue lagoon will become a pleasant and comfortable holiday destination.

Laguna is one of Malta’s most attractive beaches with crystal clear turquoise water and beautiful sandstone cliffs. There is only one hotel here, but thanks to the Blue Lagoon, thousands of guests are visited annually. Blue Lagoon – This is the sun and the sea. Here you can be in a noisy company, and you can retire on a pebble beach. Food and drinks can be purchased in place, but economical tourists try to arrange picnics on their own.

Visit the blue lagoon is better in the morning or day. In the summer, visitors will delight the sun, and in the winter this little Maltese island is a great place for pedestrians and lovers of photography, offering many interesting tourist routes.

Blue Lagoon Attractions Comino Travel Guide

You can get to the Blue Lagoon throughout the year on the ferry, which goes every hour (during the summer season there may be additional trips). Time on the way is 25 m, and return – 35m, and the path runs through the picturesque caves on the coast of Comino.

Also in summer in areas with a large number of tourists on the Gozo or Malta, boat services are offered, which can quickly deliver those who want to be in the blue lagoon.

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