Biscainyush Palace Sights of Braga Tour Profit Guide

Biscainyush Palace

Old Biscainyush Palace Located not far from the Cathedral of Braga. The history of the Biscainyush Palace with its roots leaves in the XVI century and rightfully considered a very successful illustration of the Baroque style, which was at the peak of popularity at the time.

The initial view of the Biscainyush Palace during its existence changed several times. In this case, restorations are held here with enviable regularity. Biscainyush Palace – it’s a kind of masterpiece art. The interior is very refined and refined, the walls covers the tile «Azulju», The ceilings decorate embossed stucco, and, of course, paintings, and other smaller details create a holistic composition, a worthy century Baroque.

The garden near the Biscainyush Palace was created in 1750. Architects came up with the original solution and built a garden like a fortress in three tiers. Many different plants found their shelter in this garden. It is also worth mentioning the sculptures and fountains weathered in the Baroque style.

Biscainyush Palace Sights of Braga Tour Profit Guide

More than 300 years, the palace belonged to one of the local aristocratic surnames. Only in 1963 the state could buy him.

Since 1978 Biscainyush Palace – Museum of ethnography and photos. The interior of the palace managed to maintain for a full recreation of the life of the rich-XVII-XVIII century.

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