Big Fatra Catania Region (VE; k; Fatra)

Big Fatra Catania Region (VE&# 318; k&# 225; Fatra)

Based, prosperous, but over time abandoned and forgotten – such fate has suffered many ancient cities.

China has always attracted my attention, and as otherwise, because it is one of the most ancient civilizations of our planet, with a very rich and rich history and a large number of wonderful attractions, both natural and man-made.

It is believed that the friendship of predatory animals with people is almost impossible, and often even the usual meeting in wildlife may be sad.

Dusty or sandy storms – an atmospheric phenomenon, during which the wind transfers a large number of soil particles and grain, accompanied by a noticeable impairment of visibility (in some cases it can decrease to several tens of meters).

In recent years, in some beach resorts of China, you can observe an interesting picture: Women dressed in funny masks, similar to the participants of Pussy Riot, sunbathe and swim on the beaches.

Big Fatra Catania Region (VE; k; Fatra)

Perhaps there are few of us who have been having fun ballet dancers. Therefore, we only assume what they are engaged in the free time. I bring to your attention a selection of photos from the everyday life of these creative natures ..

Girls are bathed at the very edge of the Victoria Waterfall in Zambia

Yellowstone Park (YellowstonePark) is the unconditional national heritage of America and one of the oldest parks in the US.

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