Big Ben Attractions London Travel Guide

Big Ben

The main bell of the clock tower belonging to the Westminster Palace, many years ago called «Big Ben». Since then, this nickname was fixed behind the bell and everyone knows it precisely under this name. According to ancient times, the existing tradition of church bells are conceding and called in honor of a certain saint. but «Big Ben», Most likely, was named in memory of Sir Benjamin Hall. This honorable gentleman was the head of the work on the installation of the bell. Height of bell «Big Ben» is three meters, and weight – Almost 14 tons.

Big Ben Attractions London Travel Guide

Time and the nickname, this bell, gradually became associated with the entire structure of the whole, including hours and the hour tower. This tower has become the final work of the famous Ogastes Pyugin. Architect graduated in 1858. The tower is made in the style of neootics and is a restored part of the Westminster Palace. In 1834, there was a fire in it, which partly destroyed the building. The height of the clock tower where the bell is located «Big Ben», is 96.3 meters. Fabric tourists entry into it is prohibited by law. However, citizens of Great Britain can get inside with a special excursion. It is organized in a special way and its composition certainly includes a member of parliament.

Big Ben Attractions London Travel Guide

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