Besysk place in Lake Onega

Besysk place in Lake Onega

You like to travel on mysterious places? I, so, just adore. And the most remarkable thing is that many of them are located in our country. For example, in Karelia, in Pudozh district.

Karelia, Pudozh district

On the east coast of Onega Lake, a kilometer from the river black, a mystical corner was attached – Cape demons nose.

This Cape received its name is not just like this, but thanks to the ancient petroglyphs, which depicts a 2-meter figure demon. Researchers argue that the age of rocking drawings is about 5000 years.

The coast of Onega Lake

The first of them were found in the 16th century, the monks-pioneers who knocked over "Devil’s pictures" Orthodox crosses. So they tried to neutralize unclean power.

The coast of Onega Lake, Cape Demov Nose

The most amazing thing is that the technique ceases to work in a kilometer, satellite navigation, and the arrows of mechanical clock literally go crazy. Locals are confident that all this demonic tricks. And scientists, in turn, explain the presence of granites that are saturated with magnetic ore and lie deeply in the depths of the Earth.

Besysk place in Lake Onega

Cape demon nose, Karelia

200 meters to the west of the nose demons are Besiha – rocky island in Onega Lake. And if you go to the east, you can gain on the abandoned village of "Condification", which empty in the late 1960s.

Besiha – rocky island in Lake Onega

Agree, it is not necessary to cross the globe to get acquainted with something mysterious and unusual!

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