Berlin, Germany Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Berlin Tour Profit Guide


Berlin – This is not only the capital of Germany, but also the second in the number of the city of the European Union, after London. Many shocks survived during its development, being almost completely destroyed during World War II, Berlin still remains one of the most beautiful and majestic cities in the world.

You can start a familiarity with him, walking along the Berlin Wall, which is simultaneously a symbol of split and association for thousands of Germans. Today she is a shot of bright graffiti, and every tourist strive to take at least a small piece of her memory. In the city, in general, many evidence of different eras. From the Berlin Wall, you can go to the notorious Reichstagu, to move to the bright Cathedral, and then stroll along the paved bridge, who was in the twelfth century a real fortress.

Berlin, Germany Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Berlin Tour Profit Guide

Like all Germany, Berlin is famous for his beer. To drink a foam circle after sightseeing, while looking at one of the numerous beers, where you will also be asked to try the appetizing Bavarian cuisine. In Berlin, even beer tours, which include visiting brewing and, of course, tasting.

Especially well in Berlin before Merry Christmas, the Christmas markets are open everywhere, on which the aromas of gingerbread cookies and traditional German holidays are revealed. At this time, the whole city is decorated with millions of lights, from which loses its usual coldness and rigor.

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