Benedictine Monastery of St. Mary’s attractions of the task of the travel guide

Benedictine Monastery of St. Mary

In the city of Zadar many churches, but among them the Benedektinsky Monastery of St. Mary stands out. In the middle of the 11th century, the relative of the king of Croatia, who dedicated himself to serving God, founded this monastery. By the way, a new building was attached to a more ancient church. Thanks to such related links, as well as to the disarms of other ministers of the monastery, on the entire history of his existence it was significant material support. Thanks to this, the monastery was equipped, new buildings were erected. At the beginning of the 12th century, the Tower of Coloman was built.

At the beginning of the 16th century, following the fashion, the church was decorated with a decoration in the style of the Renaissance. And in the 18th century, the interior of the temple was converted into a baroque style.

Benedictine Monastery of St. Mary's attractions of the task of the travel guide

Like many other buildings of the city of Zadar 1939-1945 were destroyed by bombing. Shortly after the end of the war, everything was restored.

Now the monastery is not only a religious structure, but also an important historical object. In its walls, unique documents containing the history of Croatia are stored. It also keeps the only statue of Christ who survived after the war, which was renovated by the efforts of the Croatian sculptor and.Mastoche. This will not end on this and he created two more new sculptures for the monastery: the statue of St. Bedick and the Statue of St. Mary.

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