Beatsky Monastery of St. George Attractions Plovdiv Travel Guide

Beatsky Monastery of St. George

Beads Monastery St. Georgia – This is a female Orthodox monastery, built back in the XI century, but today. The complex is settled in 12 km of the Bulgarian Cultural Center Plovdiv. Dedicated Monastery George Victorious.

Year of the founding of the monastery – 1020 g. Construction was started under the auspices of the Byzantine military leader, whose name Nikifor Skifi. However, in 1364, the monastery was destroyed by Turkish invaders. Until the XVIII century he was empty. But the Greeks and Bulgarians distinguished by the special religiosity did not leave the monastery. They began to regularly hold and enrich its buildings, the courtyard and the monastery church for the next XIX and XX centuries.

Today, the Beatsky Monastery of St. George is recognized as a national monument. The complex includes both a cafolic, and a chapel, many residential buildings, and even a farm, followed by only a few novists and nuns.

Beatsky Monastery of St. George Attractions Plovdiv Travel Guide

Beads Monastery St. George is not very big, however, cozy. Beautiful forests spread around him. In general, it is very quiet here, as the inhabitants are very few. And here every year, May 6, there is a holiday dedicated to the patron of the monastery. On this day, there are many tents before the gate of the monastery, pilgrims come.

The monastery can be easily reached by car and bus from Rhodope bus station in Plovdiv. It is located on the way to the King of Kalian and Sitho, who passes through the village of Branipol.

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