Beaches “Prado” Attractions of Marcel Travel Guide

Beaches "Prado"

Beach «Prado» In Marseille, are a whole range of beach areas that carry a big story. Until the seventies in Marseille, Primorsky city, absolutely no organized places to relax by the sea. The wines of everything was a broken coast, which was constantly blurred by sea water. But in 1975, the urban leadership decided to artificially fall asleep the beach. Total treated in such a way 35 hectares. Beaches formed along the marine line, and the rest of the territory was taken by pier, sports grounds and parks for various water sports. Ultimately, it turned out a big beach, which is divided into zones by other structures.

Chic villas and hotels are concentrated in this area. So you can live on vacation in close proximity to the sea. Comfort vacationers provides enough locker rooms, souls, toilets. Rescue stations along the coastline are located at certain intervals.

Beach «Prado» are an excellent place of family holidays with children for whom special shallow water zones and various playgrounds are provided here. A huge number of restaurants and cafes where you can eat delicious.


But the main specialization of the beaches still remain water sports. In these edges, the wind is often blowing, respectively, the wave also has.

You can reach the beaches by bus №19 or №83. The entrance is predominantly free, but payment is taken for an additional service.


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