Bastilia Square Sights of Paris Tour Profit Guide

Bastille Square

One of the most famous areas of France – Bastille. She is where the fortress of the same name has once been towers. Bastilly Fortress was built in the 14th century and then it was used to protect the city. Her many times completed, strengthened. And soon began to use as a state prison. Remember, even Musketeers visited there. In addition to literary heroes in Bastille at different times «Sidel» and military, and government figures, and even writers. By the end of the 18th century, when the Great French Revolution occurred, Bastille almost lost their importance as the prison. But for the people, she still remained a symbol of the hated royal regime. Therefore, after capturing her Parisians, a decision was made to demolish the fortress. Only on the disassembly of the towers of the fortress went three years old, and the stone from the walls was used for construction needs. And the contours of the demolished fortress are lined with a paving so far the holiday on July 14, when the fortress was taken, it was celebrated as a national holiday

Today, the area is a meeting of interesting sights. Here is a column of bronze dedicated to another revolution – 1830. Here the building of the Bastilian opera is banging.

Bastilia Square Sights of Paris Tour Profit Guide

In addition, there are concerts, trading days, various festivals. And on Sunday, a famous Paris walk on roller skates, to participate in which each can.

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