Ava (AVA)

Ava (AVA)

Maha Aungmye Bonzan (MAHA AUNGMYE BONZAN)
– Buddhist monastery built by the wife of King Bodopayia in 1818.

Nanmyin Watch Tower
– Watchdown stone 27 meter tower, the only thing left from the palace Ava.

Ava Bridge (Ava Bridge)
– built by the British in 1934 across the Iravadi River.

Ava (AVA), Also known as Inva (Innwa) – The historic city and the former capital of several ancient kingdoms in Myanmar. Located on the Iruvadi River 5 km south of Amarapura and 16 km from the center of Mandalay.

The city of Ava was founded in 1364 by Prince Tomdominbia (Tadominbya) on the artificial island at the Merger Place of Iruvadi and Metnge, as the capital of the Shanskoy-Burmese kingdom, formerly in the XIV-XVI centuries, one of the largest kingdoms of Burma.

In 1555, the intensive kingdom of Towngu seized the city, and in the 1600-1628 years and 1635-1752 Ava was his capital.

Ava (AVA)

The kingdom of Babaunov came to replace the Kingdom of Towngu; Ava was his capital in 1765-1783 and 1823-1857.

Since the Kingdom of Towngu and Babaunov in that epoch was the largest in Burma, the whole Burma in Europe was known on the capital of these kingdoms like Ava.

Because of the earthquake, which happened in 1939, most of the Ava Palaces were destroyed.

Currently, Ava is actively visited by tourists coming here from Mandalay.

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