Annual Catholic Pilgrimage El Rosio in Spain

Annual Catholic Pilgrimage El Rosio in Spain

Annual pilgrimage of believers of Catholics "El Rosio" is one of the largest events in the whole Andalusia. Hundreds of thousands of believers dress up in traditional festive outfits and go to the difficult path to horses and decorated crews.

Girls dress up in traditional costumes called Rosio and braid various flowers in hair. The starting point of the pilgrimage is the coast of the Kuima River in Villamanrik, not far from Seville.

Men also dress in traditional costumes, the main element of which is the hat with the image of the Virgin Rosio.

Beautiful wagons, harmful by oxes, should cross the very difficult area. On the path of pilgrims, they expect crossing the rivers and passage in the mountains.

A small town El Rosio is one of the most important centers for religious worship from the believers of the Catholics of Spain.

Annual Catholic Pilgrimage El Rosio in Spain

During pilgrimage, men and women have traditional songs, also an essential attribute of the holiday are national dances.

Periodically, the pilgrims group make the collars to reinforce their strengths prepared in advance by the province and harness fires. Often among the provinet you can see alcohol, so some pilgrims leave the procession after the prival, so that it is still a day to rest and come to yourself.

Every year, to take part in solemn pilgrimage, more than one hundred thousand people from all of Spain goes to El Rosio.

Annual Catholic Pilgrimage El Rosio in Spain

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