And again the forest will rise like Indian utopia becomes reality

And the forest will rise again: as Indian utopia becomes reality

Naha Hirwe, photographer from Sweden, spent seven weeks in Indian Ekocommun. These people live among dying forests for a long time and all their mights seek to revive trees. They came to the ground, which many years was fruitless after the use by Europeans: the soil was dry, the water was gone. (In the article "The mistakes of the colonizers" "My Planet" wrote about the peoples, traditions, cultural values ​​and endemic animals who fallen victims of great geographical discoveries).

Commune is not closed, everyone can come here. Someone spends in the huts a couple of months and leaves, having rested from worldly trouble, and someone lives here for a long time. At the time of the creation of the project in the settlement there were 30 people, including children.

And again the forest will rise like Indian utopia becomes reality

The main work of people is the improvement: landing new trees and care for already growing. Together, people are preparing food (everyone who lives in the settlement – Vegan), fighting with termites devouring wooden huts. In the free time, everyone’s time finds yourself a pleasant lesson: reading, game on musical instruments or learning to some craft. All right: led to the order of himself – put in order its planet.

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