Ancient city of Kaunos Attractions Marmaris Travel Guide

Ancient city of Kaunun

Ancient city of Kaunun, Or rather, his ruins are located a few kilometers from the famous resort town in Turkey – Marmarisa. Historians argue that the city was founded another 3000 years ago by the son of Milets, Kaunos, who was expelled from his native home for non-associates with his native sister. If you believe Herodotus, then the city inhabited the city inhabited.

At one time (as part of the Roman and Ottoman Empires), the ancient city of Kaunos was the largest port that played a considerable historical role for powerful powers. However, over time, the port began to decline, the reason for which the bay was crushed, on which he was located.

Ancient city of Kaunos Attractions Marmaris Travel Guide

Architecture of the ancient city of Kaunun – Paradise for tourists who are interested in history and culture. Interestingly, fragments of urban walls belong to the most different historical epoch – Starting from the ancient Hellenism and ending with the mysterious medieval. The main attraction of the city is the perfect Acropolis, at the foot of which is a beautiful ancient theater, as well as the ruins of Roman baths and great temples. In addition, in the northern part of Kaunos, the gallery of glory was discovered with a huge number of targets of the ancient Greek gods.

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