Ancient Argolide Amphitheater Attractions of Argos Tour Profit Guide

Ancient Amphitheater Argolid

It is believed that the most ancient Amphitheater of Greece is located in the epidavra. The amphitheater is famous for the perfect and affecting all acoustics, which makes it great to hear the speech of actors speaking on stage without using microphones.

The epidavr is an antique city in the field of argold, where the medical center was located. It is here that the snake began to be considered a symbol of medicine. Reptile played an important role for antique healers. In ancient Greece, it was believed that theatrical performances contribute to recovery, so the amphitheater was erected here. It is said that if you sit on the opposite side of the structure, you can unhindered to communicate. The scene diameter reaches 20 meters. Amphitheater could accommodate almost 15,000 spectators, because there are more than 50 steps.

Ancient Argolide Amphitheater Attractions of Argos Tour Profit Guide

The structure was found only in the 19th century, and in the middle of 20th century, the construction was completely renovated. It is worth noting that the first rows fully retained their appearance since antiquity. During the excavations nearby temples, stadiums and an antique baths were found. Despite the fact that the Amphitheater is for more than two thousand years, there are still plays of famous antique playwrights. Speakers on the scene known theater troupes.

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