Anatolian fortress Sights of Istanbul Travel Guide

Anatolian fortress

On the shore of the Bosporus near the place of the Asomathy there is one of the oldest Turkish buildings of Istanbul – Anatolian fortress.

For the period of his long and rich history, Constantinople survived many Opid. During one of them by order of Sultan Bayazid I at the end of the 14th century, this fortress was laid. Its location is ideal to protect the city from the sea – The most narrow place of the strait. Each new ruler complemented and strengthened the fortress, and after the Fortress Rumelichisar was also built on the other side of the Bosphorus, the Ottoman Empire received absolute control over the strait and passing through him.

Towers were built around the perimeter of the fortress. Gradually, its dimensions increased, and the territory expanded deep into the mainland. Around the fortress, beautiful villas were built, in which commander’s warlords and noble Turks lived. Fortress many century performed their destination.

Anatolian fortress Sights of Istanbul Travel Guide

And now the fortress is striking with its sizes and at the same time elegance, although it collapsed many times earthquakes and the time did not spare her. High walls and towers remind of disturbing times. In the center of the fortress there is the highest watchdog tower, which reaches 25 meters, which in the construction times was a giant construction, and now it produces a strong impression.

Now the museum is located in the fortress, you can climb not the wall and admire the beautiful types of Bosphorus Bay.

Anatolian fortress Sights of Istanbul Travel Guide

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