Am-Hof Square Landmarks of Vienna Tour Profit Guide

Am-Hof Square

The Am-Hof Square is comfortable in the inside of the city. There are many historical and architectural monuments in a small territory. Every year Square is in a hurry to visit many tourists.

This time has been located for a long time in this place, there were a huge amount of goods in shopping shops. On holidays, the city authorities arranged competitions, performances and even public executions. From 12 to 13th century on the lands there was a compound of babenbergs. In the middle of the square, a monument to the Virgin Mary in the form of a colonnade. The history of the origin of the Memorial is very curious. In the middle of the 17th century, the Danube shores hit the Swedes army, which destroyed everything that came across on the way. Residents of the city did not know how to protect themselves from the enemy, because they did not have their soldiers. Then the emperor decided to create a Religious Assembly. The ruler gave a promise to build a colonnade in honor of the Holy Virgin if the victory remains behind the vein. As a result, the Swedes did not fall into the city, and the statue was established several years later.

Am-Hof Square Landmarks of Vienna Tour Profit Guide

Am Hof ​​Square One of the oldest and large Viennese Squares. Buildings erected next to it are dating 15, 16, 17, 18th centuries.

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