Airports in Indonesia Personal Experience

Airports in Indonesia: personal experience

On Bali, the old airport is still functions, in which everything is organized extremely simple.

Before landing, the stewardess distribute the form of questionnaires for passport control and the form of the customs declaration. It is more convenient to fill them in the plane, and not in the arrival hall, which is small and, depending on the number of simultaneously landed aircraft, can be filled with tourists.

Get out of the plane, traveling by bus to the arrival hall, go inside. Immediately left and straight windows to pay a visa. It costs $ 25 and an adult, and the child is valid for a month, you can extend for another month. Pay, get a receipt. Take it, filled out the questionnaire and go to the border guards. There were few people in our last arrival, the queue was sent fencing, the process of passport control took twenty minutes. But it happens that tourists are worth.

In the arrival hall there are water coolers. So you can now not take water from the aircraft.

Airports in Indonesia Personal Experience

Give the border guard passport, receipt of payment of the visa and the questionnaire. He sticks a visa to a passport and wishes a good rest.

There are several ATMs in the receipt of baggage. I didn’t remove money there, but most likely, the maximum, how much can you take it at a million rupees at a hundred times – about a hundred dollars. Learn in advance in your bank, what commission will be removed from you additionally for the use of a third-party ATM.

Airports in Indonesia Personal Experience

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