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our airline «Flight» Founded in 1988. For more than a twenty-year period of activity, the company has gained broad fame in the our and international air transport markets due to its most valuable experience in the delivery of super heavy and large cargo. «Flight» – International class airline with representative offices in the United States and Germany. The airline is accredited to the implementation of aviation activities in the United States and Canada. «Flight» Registered in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and has the right to carry out flights worldwide.

The history of the airline began with a cooperative created by Anatoly Karpov in 1988. On the rented aircraft An-30, the company transported its first cargo.

Currently, the company’s main aircraft is the An-124-100 transport aircraft «Ruslan» – World Record Plant for Flight and Loading. Flight Specifications «Ruslana» Allow the most complex projects for the transport of superheavy, large and non-standard goods.

Airline Flights, reviews, Official website Flights

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In the air fleet of the airline «Flight» Airplanes include: SAAB-2000 – 5, An-124-100 – 4, IL-96-400T – 3, An-30 – 2, An-24 – 1, IL-76TD – 1, BAE-125-800 – 1, SAAB-340B – 2.

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