Air transportation on Nepal Personal experience

Air transportation on Nepal: Personal experience

I must say that Kathmandu Airport, such a feeling, is not even in siege, but in the front-line zone. So many checks I have not seen anywhere else. While you come to the aircraft, you will check for ten times! Well, maybe not ten, but eight exactly 🙂

First, all those incoming to the airport are checked by external doors. Then, defending the queue, you get to control in the inner doors. There are already checking passports, and tickets. Further Total Check – Registration. After registration, you go to the departure zone. While you go, there again the soldiers stand and checks the landing. Then actually the main check of securities. After which another check, the purpose of which to verify is that you really passed securities 🙂

Air transportation on Nepal Personal experience

As a result of all these time checks on Duty-Free Shopping almost left. The remaining Nepalese rupees had to urgently throw off, buying souvenir packaging with tea. But on the broadcast already hurry – the landing began.

And then check again. To get out of the departure zone and take a bus, you need to go through another check. Then they sat down on the bus, we were brought to the plane and here. AAAAA. Check again. The guard of the guard is docked, the manual stalls are shaking here again, they check the landing, they search for passengers themselves and finally let the plane.

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